Local materials

Local Nettle and Merino wool in a wide range of textures


DSC_1140s DSC_0903s


Local Harsil wool

Every year a self appointed group of people (generally old who are incapable of farming) take charge of the rearing, carefully guiding the sheep from all the households towards the local pastures and the green lands while the rest are busy farming. At the end of summer, when the sheep are fat from lazily grazing in the plains and have fully grown hair, the tribe comes down from Harsil to Dunda to resume their knitting and weaving activities. This local wool from Uttaranchal has been used in our products.


The Nettle or bicchu grows as a wild undergrowth in Almora and Chamoli regions of Uttarakhand and also bordering parts of Nepal. The villagers in these regions extract fibre from the plant stems. The stem of the plant is retted in the water of rivers; when it swells, the stalk is beaten on boulders until the fibre comes out. This fibre has a unique lustre to it and the yarn lends an uneven brown texture to the products.



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