hues of the hills


The hills with their ever changing hues inspire us to create a range of natural colours…just like the skies… from dawn to dusk…



Naturally dyed wool left out to dry

Naturally dyed wool left out to dry

DSC_0856s     DSC_0890s



Each of the Peoli products is dyed using natural colours

Natural dyes are dyes or colourants derived from plant sources—roots, berries, bark, leaves, and wood—and other organic sources such as fungi and lichens or from invertebrates or minerals.

Natural dyeing involves the collection of material, extraction of dyestuff, mordanting, dyeing and repeated washing procedures, which are labour intensive but cause no harm to the environment. Natural substances are soothing materials for the makers as well as the users of the product. The variations produced in the colour due to the various processes – give rise to a new hue…a unique piece every time – that is the magic of natural dyeing.

It is to be noted that the dyes will produce a different hue each time based on the variation in the hand spun fibre as well as the temperature and humidity conditions.



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