accessories . stoles . scarves . mufflers

Peoli products_9.02.2015_smallPeoli products_9.02.2015_small 2Peoli products_9.02.2015_small 3Peoli products_9.02.2015_small 4Peoli products_9.02.2015_small 5Peoli products_9.02.2015_small 6Peoli products_9.02.2015_small 7Peoli products_9.02.2015_small 8Peoli products_9.02.2015_small 9DSC_1026s  DSC_1040s  DSC_1039s

DSC_1100s  DSC_1098s  DSC_1031s

DSC_1093s  DSC_1097s  DSC_1062s

DSC_1077s  DSC_1069s  DSC_1061s

DSC_1051s  DSC_1040ss

DSC_1035s  DSC_1027s  DSC_1069ss

DSC_1091s  DSC_1040sss  DSC_1055s

DSC_1156s  DSC_1147s

We at Peoli knit together a minimal aesthetic and comfort into a range of elegant woollen accessories.


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